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Founded in 1995, the need of development led Yuan Horng to move its plant to Xinbei Dist. in Changzhou City of China in June 2005, as the company was renamed Yuan Horng Gear Wheel Co., Ltd. With Chinese's wisdom and know-how to produce high precision...
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Yuanhong Company uses Chinese wisdom and technology to produce high-precision gears and accessories. Its products are sold in Japan, Europe, America and Southeast Asia.

Product Projects Organic vehicles, automobiles, agricultural machinery, power tools, ATVs, golf carts, and scooter gears and shafts. At present, it is appointed long-term supplier (OEM) such as Japan's YAMAHA, HONDA, Kubota and other OEMs, and it is also your excellent partner!

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From development to sample production, fully communicate and communicate with guests, thoroughly understand guests’ ideas and needs, and always maintain and ensure stable quality.

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